So, in the previous post, we were commenting on how it’s really good to know exactly where you stand, and while talking to a friend about it afterwards, it was pointed out that really, simply saying “Fuck Yes, let’s do it!” isn’t enough, and I was remiss about pointing that fact out.

There is a postscript to this, and it is important.

You have to keep saying “Fuck yes!” every day, to the person you’re with. And there will be some mornings where you won’t want to. I have seen couples in the tasting room which have been together for 50 years, married since just after High school, and that’s an amazing level of dedication which is the closest thing in the real world to a fairytale romance. Dedication and commitment need to be the watchwords of any relationship.

In the Orthodox phronema, dedication and committment is a journey in Mutual Theosis. You’re working together for the salvation of both members, and indeed, the whole of the family unit. As a gentleman, you need to apply yourself to that. Your road to salvation is intimately intertwined with that of your spouse/girlfriend, and any kids you have. This is important, and should never be forgotten.

Also, because I am shameless, a plug for my new blog, which will (mostly) be all about Arizona wine. Most wine discussions made here will end up going there in the long run, so if you’re fond of wine also, make a visit.