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All things are ready, if our mind be so.

If we want to be good husbands and fathers, we should prepare to be good husbands and fathers before we even meet the person we marry. We should carry ourselves with decorum, honesty, and integrity, so that we can be the kind of fathers necessary for our great grandchildren to be good fathers, and good husbands.

We must live our lives as an example for those who are yet to come, whether they be distant future relations, or even the hypothetical companions we have not encountered yet.

So, while you’re not married, or engaged, or dating yet, ask yourself: Are you ready to be that gentleman, at a moment’s notice? Are you ready to be a good husband? (Fatherhood, I hear, is almost impossible to prepare for, so aim for the husband bit first). Are you ready to treat someone as your equal, to help them help you work together in Christ? For mutual salvation?

If not, you should probably get on that.

Make your life in order. Get your place stable. More importantly: make your life so that you don’t *need* somebody to come in, but where it would be merely a “nice, but uncessary” addition. Finances and attitude in order. You don’t need to be wealthy, but at least stable.

Stability is key. You can’t build anything that will last through the ages on a wobbly foundation. Make yourself a stable gentleman that stands in the storms of life, and you’ll be infinately more attractive–and more importantly, have a more fulfilling life.

So: Start cultivating that life. Start cultivating that headspace. You’ll be glad you did.