don’t depreciate yourself- YES.  Don’t do this.  It makes you feel bad, it makes others feel bad about you.  You’re hiding your talents under bushels, if you’re doing so.  I think I got that parable reference right.  The point is, if you depreciate yourself, you’re not living to your full potential of awesomeness.  On that note, don’t depreciate anyone else either.

longest lasting tyrannies- It depends on what we’re defining as a tyrrany here.  Are we talking dictatorships?  Despotic empires?  The Clasical Greek definition of a Tyrrany?  If the latter, I suspect Syracuse works best as the longest lasting Tyrrany as a political entity.  A very interesting place, actually.

few people like to think of themselve as cheap, but almost everyone seems to be- I disagree.  Chesterton, back me up here:  “There is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person.” This relates, of course, to what I mentioned above about not depreciating others.

beard gents- Beards are fantastic.  Some gentleman have beards, but I would argue that it’s not necessary that a gentleman have a beard.  Beards are a fashion, and I wonder if the fashion for gentleman to have beards stems from the purposeful unkemptness of Philosophers after the lifetime of Alexander the Great, which was the first time in the western world where facial hair was NOT fashionable, and it was a sign that Philosophers used as a way of seperating themselves from the realm of average popular culture.  I smell a thesis.  For someone else, that is, not for me.

dating orthodox christian and waiting for sex- Yeah, you really should be waiting for marriage for sex.

dating during a fast- It can be done.  In some ways, this emphasis during fasts on more Godly things allows a couple to focus more clearly on religious and spiritual aspects of a relationship, than the physical and emotional aspects.

long distance orthodox christian relationships- Oooh boy.  While I have lots of experience with long distance relationships, I don’t have any experience with long distance dating an Orthodox Christian.  That being said, the advice I would give is largely the same–you need to start planning an ending where the two of you are in the same location, and communicate this location.  Decide on this location.  The key to any long distance relationship is planning the ending of the distance aspect.  A relationship across distance cannot last forever unless the relationship eventually becomes close-distance. If you remain apart, you will drift apart and break.  It does allow for seperate growing into the faith, however, so there is a distinct bonus, especially if one partner is Orthodox and the other is not; it makes it easier to discern if Orthodoxy is a thing you want to pursue on its own merits, or you’re simply clouded with “wanting to be with your Orthodox partner”

true gentleman do not speak in sarcasm- I would say that this is not entirely true.  I would say that Gentleman do not speak in casual sarcasm.  Instead, when a gentleman speaks in sarcasm, it is to make a point explicit, especially if it is directed as another.  These are stealth insults, essentially, a way of speaking obliquely and tactly.  Pointless sarcasm, or sarcasm for the sake of sarcasm?  Perhaps something we shouldn’t do, except among our friends.  At least, that seems to be when I do it…

orthodox reflections on anxiety- As far as I’m aware, the only one i’ve penned was my entry on Social anxiety.  There are many different forms of anxiety, however, and I’d love to see a collection of quotes and sayings from church fathers and elders on this subject!  But also remember the words of St. Paul, in Philippians: “Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” (Philippians 4:6)

how long to keep mavrodaphne- Mavrodaphne of Patras is technically a port.  Ports can be aged forever, essentially, when kept in the proper conditions.  These conditions are a proper temperature out of direct sunlight, on its side so that the cork is kept moist.  58 degrees to 62 degrees Fahrenheit is a good temperature.  In other words, keep it as long as you like, and drink it whenever you please. 🙂