Here, we answer more google searches.

gk chesterton on patience-  G.K. Chesterton is one of the favored writers here in Chateau D’Orthogent, and has been quoted several times in blog entries.  He had several things to say about patience. One of my favorites is: “One of the great disadvantages of hurry is that it takes such a long time.”

sex and the nativity fast- Again, ask your priest.  One should recall that if we’re going to be completely and absolutely canonical about when we have sex, Orthodox Christians should be having sex only on about two or three Tuesdays a month, assuming they’re not the day after a feast or during fasting times. (yes, seriously, this is what the various canons from councils and whatnot come to.) Some priests are especially strict on this, others are inclined to remember, that many of the canons were written by monks who perhaps didn’t understand the importance of sex in a marriage.  That being said…. ask your priest.

missionary dating horror- Yeah, missionary dating is not a terribly good thing, but it was Brigid from Orthogals who has the best post about the horrors of missionary dating, and talked about it in much better terms than I ever could.  You can find her post here:

how to react like a gentleman when getting rejected-  TLDR? With grace and prayer and acceptance, without lashing out or anger.

gentlemen in farsi- شخص محترم or ادم با تربیت, I believe. Arabic, I believe, has a simular concept, called  فروسية (Furusiyya).  I wrote a paper on the latter focusing on Saladin’s war against the Crusader Kingdoms, way, way back in undergrad.  Lost the paper, sadly.

quote “if you like chardonnay with your cheeseburger”- I have no idea what this quote is, but whoever said it is missing out on the joy of having a cheeseburger with a Côte-du-Rhone Syrah/Grenache/Mourvedre blend, a Spanish Monastrell, a Rioja, or with an Arizona Syrah.  All are fantastic pairings with Cheeseburgers; Chardonnay is decidedly not.

prefered first date “a walk in the park” means- It means that a person prefers a walk in the park; a public place with some privacy for detailed conversations, with nature.  Oftentimes, it’s the only nature you can readily find in a city.  They might like nature.  They might like walks.  They might even like both.

speaking with women social norms- Don’t be creepy, essentialy.  In other words, be aware of your surroundings and how you might come off.  You could be the most wonderful person in the universe, but if you try to talk to a woman when she doesn’t want to be talked to, or start talking in an environment where there is a potential for danger, you will be seen as a creep.  It’s environment, and social cues, and the primal urge for making sure that potential danger is avoided.  Public, open, and sunlight are great places. Also, body language.  See

hobbies of gentlemen- I’ve seen many that could apply.  Wine drinking, pipe smoking, birding, painting, reading, writing, hiking, biking, motorcycle driving, home brewing…Pretty much anything, really, could be a gentleman’s hobby, if approached in the proper mindset, as long as it is not something degrading towards others or yourself.

does wine helps in growing beard- That…is a very good question.  I don’t rightly know. Maybe?  I know of a wine at a local winery that was named for someone’s mustache, does that count? (Flavor Savor, from Page Springs winery.  It was a red field blend, and it was delicious.)