There’s been some google searches that have brought some folks here.  I’ll answer them.  Well, as best as I can.

orthogents- Yes, that’s us.  It’s a term, not my own, I fear (I think my dear friend B. was the one who actually coined it) for an Orthodox Christian Gentleman, or an Orthodox Christian who seeks to become a gentleman.

orthodox christian gentleman- An Orthodox Christian Gentleman is a gentleman (or a man) who is Orthodox Christian, and seeking to be a gentleman.  (see Orthogents above).  What makes a man fall into this category?  Proper treatment of others, willingness to seek social justice, not being a mysogenist, and a deep and fulfilling prayer life.  Supsenders and pipe optional.  Being a gentleman is more about state of mind than appearance, I would argue.

wilderness gentleman- I would argue that being a gentleman does involve a strong ethic/interest in nature.  Nature can provide us with a recharging element, and it is one of the ways, I would argue, in which God manifests His glory.  A mountaintop forest can be just as spiritually connected to God as the inside of an Orthodox Church, though I would argue that it cannot replace it.  Why?  Solitary prayer versus communal prayer.  Both are required and necessary in Orthodoxy.

“marital relations” lenten fast- Ask your priest on this one.  I’ve heard two answers to this myself: No sex during lent at all, period, or that relations are “tolerated” as long as the first week of lent and holy week are sex free.  This might also be something to talk to your spouse about.  It’s a subject which is rather out of my league at this point in time, I fear.

where to buy mavrodaphne in boston- I always got mine at the Blanchard’s Liquors stores; either the one in Jamaica Plain, or the one in Allston at Harvard Avenue and Brighton Avenue.  You can also find St. John’s Commandriat there, which is the Cypriot equivelant, made from a different grape (Mavro, instead of Mavrodaphne) [That was also where I found my first Lebanese Syrah, so see if you can find that one too.  Lebanese syrah is probably the closest you’ll find to the Syrah here in Arizona, and it is supremely tasty.]

orthdox gentleman blog- I’m trying, I know i don’t update this nearly often enough. Guilty as charged.

gentleman in the face of rejection- Ah, yes.  A gentleman in the face of rejection should be calm, and unwilling to lash out.  Lashing out solves nothing, and makes you look like an idiot.  Accept it with grace.  Some things are just not meant to be.  Instead, concentrate your dissapointment at this by creating artwork, reading a book, or prayer.  If you find yourself supremely angry about what has happened, I highly reccomend going to confession.  The point is to accept what has happened in a civilized, prayerful and peaceful manner.

ortho silent rejections- Same as above.  I think I wrote a blog post on this subject.  Oh! Here it is!

is love all you need to make a relationship work- No.  Emphatically no.  Communication is also supremely essential, as is mutual respect.

wine makes you feel- Wine generally makes me feel good.  Generally.  Except when it’s bad.  I was a wine judge recently for the Verde Valley Consortium, and there were some wines in the blind tasting that did not make me feel terribly good at all.  And there was the Müller-Thurgrau I had the other day which was too sweet and gave me a headache at the end of the evening.  But most wine makes me happy, usually because when I’m drinking, I’m with good friends, and having a good time.