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Lord, enlighten my darkness.

We each have our own personal darkness, following us in our heads.  It’s part of the struggle–the debris of the past, struggling to influence the present.  Saint Gregory Palamas is correct in asking God for help in dealing with this matter, because it is only through God’s aid that we can even begin to hope to accomplish overcoming our pasts, and the mistakes we made, to create a better future.

It’s a tough struggle we have sometimes.  Scratch that, oftentimes.  And we make mistakes, often.  But it’s no use beating ourselves up over them.  It’s never a wise course of action.  The fact of the matter is that, if you’re anything like me, or a lot of people I know, the punishment that you inflict upon yourself is far worse than those that would be inflicted by other people.  Or by God. 

Confession, I think, should be a regular part of the regimen for the spiritual health of a gentleman.  It keeps your soul clean, and hey, if you’ve done something bad or wrong, you can at least make it right in God’s eyes by telling a priest.  That’s what confession is for.  It makes you clean.

(That, and apologise to someone if you’ve wronged them, as part of your mistake.  That one, though, is plain common courtesy.)